• An OldFilm initiative!

    OldFilm Productions – the programmers of “The Director’s Call” is an audio-visual, events
    and advertising company based in Ghana
  • The Director’s Call Program!

    It's a platform that seeks to bring creative people from all fields in the filmmaking business
    to a common ground where working relationships can be strengthened to maximise performance.

About The Director's Call

We are simply giving every filmmaker the opportunity to be good and professional at what they do in their specialised fields through practical hands-on workshops and mentoring.

Organizing Workshops

There will be series of programmes annually that cover every aspect of filmmaking from Development, Pre-production, Production, and to Post-production. Actors and filmmakers, at the workshop will gain practical hands on experience needed for career success.

Pitch Factory

Pitch Factory is a platform that invites creative writers to pitch their stories to a selection panel with an opportunity of seeing it go into production for feature length films and TV series.

Apply for Pitch Factory.

Every public project organised by The Director’s Call will require potential participants to apply to register.

  • Click the "APPLY" tab. Or scroll down the homepage and click "SIGN UP" to be redirected.
  • Fill out the online application form with the required information.
  • Attach 'pdf' and 'jpg' files where needed.
  • You will get a prompt response on the webpage alerting you that your registration is successful. Check your email within 48 hours for confirmation of your application.
  • You will receive an email within the week starting 13 November, 2018. to confirm your selection. Only shortlisted applicants will participate in Pitch Factory.
  • Participation in Pitch Factory is FREE!

Apply Now

Deadline: 12 November, 2018.

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Our Team

Meet our awesome facilitators for this year's workshop.

Peter Sedufia


Adjetey Anang